It Is Finished: Jesus’ Last Words on the Cross

Daily Truth:   “It is finished!” And bowing His head, He gave  up His spirit. John 19:30

Silhouettes of Three Crosses

“It is finished!”  What powerful last words spoken by Jesus on the cross.   He had completed all that was asked of Him by God the Father.

Do we follow what God asks of us?  At the end of our lives we want to hear, “Well done thou good and faithful servant.”  We want to be great  wives, moms, and grandmothers.  Yet, how much time to spend on daily physical chores and neglect taking care of our own daily spiritual growth which affects our relationships to those we love most on this earth?

Maybe we should think about each day when it is finished and reflect on the questions like: What did I do for eternity today?,  What did I do to point my child or grandchild toward Christ?Did I spend time reading God’s Word today? Did I ask God for wisdom in situations that arose today?

As the mother of 3 children within 27 months I remember those days when I thought I was doing good to get meals on the table (well highchair, table, and bouncy chair as I tapped that with my foot while feeding the child in the highchair), clean clothes and house, toys somewhat put away, three baths, and then bedtime stories as my head began to nod.

But then God got my attention in a dramatic way and I realized that the most important thing I could do was to point my children to Christ.  It wasn’t about a clean house, playgroups, great meals, or volunteer  work in my community or church.  The most important thing I was to do was tell our children about Christ and to show them how much He loved them.  At the time I thought I was a Christian but I then realized that I knew Christ but I did not have a personal relationship with Him. What a day that was when I asked Jesus to be my Savior and to take my will and to make it His own.  From that time on my parenting became much more intentional about teaching Christ.

Times were still crazy at our home with three car seats, two cribs, a double stroller with one child holding on to the side,  grocery shopping  with two carts (one for children and one for food) and always a Cheerio on the floor.  But, God slowed down my day so that I could spend time learning and then teaching about God and His love for them.  Children learn at such an early age.  Remember Moses was allowed to stay with his mother until he was finished nursing.  My how much she must have taught him before he went to live full time in the king’s court.

Times were busy and yes chaotic back then but God is faithful and always provides wisdom and encouragement when  we ask.   I really feel like I grew up spiritually with my children as I put my trust in Christ rather than in myself.

Maybe you’re thinking, where was your husband to spiritually lead you?  My husband and I grew up in the same church.  He had accepted Christ as a youth at a Child Evangelism Fellowship booth at our county fair but no discipleship was available until later in life. My husband became a wonderful spiritual leader to me (now that I was on the same page) and our children.  I am very thankful that God allowed me to personally need Him so I would find Him.  I was grateful then too as our children were all below the age of three so my husband and I could spend the rest of their lives teaching them about Jesus Christ.

Our life is not finished until God says that it is finished.  May we all learn God’s Word and ways and impart it to the next generation.

As we reflect today on this weekend and what Jesus Christ did for us on the cross may we see the great love and compassion that He showed us.  May we all share that love with the children God has placed in our lives. May we accomplish all that Jesus asks us to do and have a willing spirit to follow wherever God may lead us.  May we finish well.

Mark 10:27 “But Jesus looked at them and said, ‘With men it is impossible, but not with God; for with God all things are possible.'”

Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Until the next “Truth” sharing moment,

Cathy Jo Johnson

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