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Hard to believe Easter is around the corner especially with 30 degree weather and wind gusts that knock over Porta-a-potties (True story.  Saw it down in a construction sight in our neighborhood). As I am writing this, it is Sunday afternoon and church has been cancelled tonight due to the anticipation of the 6-10 inches of snow we are supposed to be getting.  Yes,
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Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep……..

Daily Truth: “I will both lie down in peace, and sleep; For You alone, O LORD, make me dwell in safety.”  Psalm 4:8 Ahh it is the end of a busy  day.  Ending the day with beautiful music and God’s Word is a perfect ending to maybe a not so perfect day. Listen to the excerpt from “Scripture Lullabies” provided in the link below. “Hidden In
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Running on Empty

We all have had that heart stopping moment when we see the gas pump on the dashboard light up and we frantically start thinking where the closest gas station is.  Yes, that just happened to me on Saturday and my mind started racing ahead to all the “what if’s” if I ran out of gas before the gas station.   As a runner, I
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Who was Saint Patrick?

Saint Patrick’s Day is just not a day to  wear green and eat green cupcakes.  There is a man behind this day that tried to tell the country of Ireland about Christ.Patrick is not really a saint with a capital S as he was never authorized by Rome.  He was a saint in the Christian definition as a saint is one who is holy and set apart. Patrick was
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St. Patrick’s Day Fun

A national holiday is this Sunday – St. Patrick’s Day.  You are probably thinking, “Ummm….really? That one slipped under the radar” .  I know this one would have slipped under my radar as well except for one little detail….it’s also my birthday!  My family doesn’t stand a chance!  There is NO WAY that this holiday will not be celebrated!  My hubs is reminded the
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Make Eating Vegetables Fun

Cold winter night, fire in the fireplace, family, and homemade vegetable soup all go together.  What, you think your children will not eat vegetable soup?   Ask your children to help prepare  soup for supper  and they might surprise you and themselves.Purchase vegetables  right out of the produce section or from a winter farmers market.   Get carrots that still have the tops.  Have your child peel and  help to slice carrots
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