Activity Calendar of Daily Ideas for Fun and Learning

Every day is an opportunity  to share God’s Word and His World with your child. Each day of the calendar has a suggested activity to do together. Have fun as you make each day a day of discovery and learning.   Boys and girls running
See Cathy Jo’s Truths for Tots blog for more ideas and encouragement.


Activity Calendar

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* Science DayScience Day

Click here to get the recipe to make crazy putty.

* Leaf RubbingsLeaf Rubbings

Pick up a variety of fall leaves. Place several leaves on a table with the vein side of the leaf up. Cover with a white sheet of copy paper. Color over the leaves and enjoy your beautiful fall artwork.

* Nature WalkNature Walk

Enjoy the beautiful fall weather and go on a nature walk. Collect leaves and nuts while on the walk. When you arrive home discuss what kind of nuts and leaves were collected.

* National Taco DayNational Taco Day

Help your children make tacos for dinner. Enjoy!

* Family NightFamily Night

Select a board game for your family, pop some popcorn and enjoy a fun evening. For some board game ideas click here.

* Teach Acts 16:31Teach Acts 16:31

Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved. (Saved from eternal separation from God. God is Holy and there is no sin in heaven.)

* Fire Prevention WeekFire Prevention Week

Discuss fire prevention with your family. Click here for fun activities with "Sparky" the fire dog.

* Alphabet BookAlphabet Book

Begin an Alphabet Book today and each rainy day complete another letter until complete. Click here to get ideas on how to make.

* Vegetable PrintingVegetable Printing

Cut vegetables into halves, quarters, circles, or any other shapes, dip into tempera paints or on a print or stamp pad, and then press onto plain or colored paper. Apples cut in half will have a star design in the middle (where the seeds are), while green peppers make a great shamrock design. Cut a potato in half and use a small paring knife to create a relief design: circles, squares, hearts, and so on.

* Library DayLibrary Day

Go the library and check out books about fall. Reading to your children will build the love of reading as well as providing a wonderful time of bonding.

* Lacing CardsLacing Cards

Use 2 post cards glued together or a greeting card glued together to make lacing cards. Punch holes around the cards and use a shoelace to lace the cards. Make sure to tie a knot in one of the ends of the shoelace.

* Columbus DayColumbus Day

Columbus discovered the New World this day in 1492. This day is observed on the second Monday of October. Click here for many activities, information and videos from Scholastic.

* Psalm 145:9Psalm 145:9

The LORD is good to all. (Click here for a coloring page.)

* Easy BreakfastsEasy Breakfasts

Click here for 8 easy breakfasts your child can make. Help children make healthy choices.

* Pumpkin Patch DayPumpkin Patch Day

Visit a pumpkin patch and select pumpkins for fall decorating and for cooking. Click here for yummy pumpkin recipes.

* Webster's Birthday Webster's Birthday

A wonderful book for any parent to read is "The Forgotten Founding Father" by Joshua Kendall to gain more information about Noah Webster. Words are such an important part of our world. Find out more about this man who spent his life in teaching others about words. Click here for more information.

* Pasta DayPasta Day

Today is National Pasta Day. An easy way to color uncooked pasta is to add 4 to 5 drops of food coloring, about a tablespoon of rubbing alcohol and various kinds of dry pasta in a large Ziploc bag. Shake well, spread out on newspaper and allow to dry well. Stir occasionally so the newspaper will not stick to the pasta. Tape the ends of a the desired length of yarn and string with colored pasta to make necklaces, bracelets, etc.

* Cupcake Day Cupcake Day

National Chocolate Cupcake Day, who knew!!! Make some with your children today. Enjoy with dinner and surprise your neighbors with some too.

* Family ActivitesFamily Activites

Click here for top 10 ideas for family activities.

* Teach Genesis 16:13Teach Genesis 16:13

...You are the God who sees... (God knows and sees everything.)

* Decorate for FallDecorate for Fall

Use pumpkins to decorate your home. Click here for some ideas.

* Word TracingWord Tracing

Tracing is one of the first steps in developing fine motor control. Click here for fun tracing ideas.

* Crayola Crayon DayCrayola Crayon Day

On this day in 1903 the first Crayola Crayons were sold for a nickel a box. Alice Binney, wife of company founder Edwin Binney, came up with the name “Crayola” from “craie,” the French word for chalk and “ola,” from “oleaginous” which means oily. What is your favorite Crayola crayon color? Color a picture today using your Crayola Crayons.

* Family Scavenger HuntFamily Scavenger Hunt

Click here for some wonderful family scavenger hunt ideas:)

* Leaf FunLeaf Fun

Invite a family over to help rake leaves. Have chili cooking in the Crock-pot so when completed all can enjoy a meal together. May want to have a campfire and roast marshmallows for dessert. Working together is helpful and fun.

* Kellogg's Birthday Kellogg's Birthday

To celebrate the children's author, Steven Kellogg, read one of his books: "Is Your Mama a Lama" or "How Much is a Million?"

* Review Month's VersesReview Month's Verses

Review verses: Acts 16:31, Psalm 145:9 and Genesis 16:13

* Owl CraftOwl Craft

Whoooo's There? Have fun with a owl craft and teaching about patterns. Click here for the craft idea.

* Prayer PailPrayer Pail

Teaching little ones to pray is important. Click here for an idea that will add interest.

* Letter MunchersLetter Munchers

Teaching initial consonants can be fun and utilizing creative ideas makes it fun. Click here for a fun idea from Mailbox.

* Easy as PieEasy as Pie

Preparing meals together can teach so many things. Click here for a ideas to teach, transform, and treat:)


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