Activity Calendar of Daily Ideas for Fun and Learning

Every day is an opportunity  to share God’s Word and His World with your child. Each day of the calendar has a suggested activity to do together. Have fun as you make each day a day of discovery and learning.   Boys and girls running
See Cathy Jo’s Truths for Tots blog for more ideas and encouragement.


Activity Calendar

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* April Fool's DayApril Fool's Day

Click here for 20 kid friendly pranks to do with your family.

* Book DayBook Day

International Children's Book Day-Celebrate today by going to a bookstore or library and select books to read with your children. Click here for book ideas and activities to do after reading them.

* Caramel Popcorn DayCaramel Popcorn Day

Make some caramel popcorn day with this recipe. Just click here and enjoy:)

* Science DayScience Day

Click here to try this exploding volcano experiment.

* Sibling DaySibling Day

This day was started by Claudia Evart, a freelance paralegal from Manhattan, NY. Her sister died at an early age. She created this day as a day of remembrance (her sister's birthday) for her sister. Today have your children verbalize 3 things they like about each sibling. Celebrate the special bond siblings have by doing something fun together today.

* Scrabble DayScrabble Day

Scrabble Day is celebrated on April 13 as it was invented that day in 1938 by Alfred Mosher Butts. It is sold by Hasbro, Inc. Plan a fun family evening playing this game. Click here for the Preschool Scrabble Game.

* Sensory DaySensory Day

Cook pasta, drain and rinse in cold water. Add food coloring, a little vegetable oil and pasta to a few ziplock bags (however many colors you want) and shake. Spread on newspaper to dry a few minutes then share with your child. Give plates, scissors, tongs and other things that your child can play with and enjoy the sensory spaghetti.

* "Secrets of Gethsemane""Secrets of Gethsemane"

Click here for a dramatic account, interesting facts and current facts about Jesus in the garden at Gethsemane. This is great background for parents and appropriate for elementary age children. Have a map of Jerusalem ready to point out places when discussed.

* Good FridayGood Friday

Spend a quiet evening at home with the family. Reflect on why Jesus died. Use the following recipe to make rolls that show the empty tomb to eat on Sunday. Dip a large marshmallow in melted butter and then roll in a sugar and cinnamon mixture. Place coated marshmallow in a triangle from a prepared package of crescent rolls. Seal each crescent triangle well and place in a lightly greased muffin pan. Bake at 350 for 15 mins or until golden brown. Drizzle with vanilla icing while still warm. Serve for breakfast on Easter morning. The marshmallow is no longer there just as Jesus has risen from the dead.

* Resurrection CookiesResurrection Cookies

Click here for an object lesson for Easter morning.

* He Is RisenHe Is Risen

Jesus is here to read the Bible account from the book of Mark.

* Jelly Bean DayJelly Bean Day

Today is National Jelly Bean Day. Enjoy eating some jelly beans today. Click here to see a virtual tour of the Jelly Belly factory making Jelly Beans. Or as they like to say...Jelly Bellies:)

* Act of Kindness DayAct of Kindness Day

Draw a picture or write a note (depending on the age of child) and mail to a grandparent or friend . Everyone loves to be thought of and appreciated:)

* Pretzel DayPretzel Day

Today is National Pretzel Day. Click here for information and history of the pretzel.


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