Activity Calendar of Daily Ideas for Fun and Learning

Every day is an opportunity  to share God’s Word and His World with your child. Each day of the calendar has a suggested activity to do together. Have fun as you make each day a day of discovery and learning.   Boys and girls running
See Cathy Jo’s Truths for Tots blog for more ideas and encouragement.


Activity Calendar

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* Dr. Seuss DayDr. Seuss Day

Dr. Seuss celebrated his birthday on March 2. Celebrate by reading some of the 44 children's books that he wrote. Click here for more information and fun activities that accompany his books.

* Teach John 1:1Teach John 1:1

This week teach John 1:1 - "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." Share how the Word of God is the Bible and God is and always has been and always will be.

* Scripture CookiesScripture Cookies

Click here for a recipe for Scripture Cookies.

* Craft DayCraft Day

Using construction paper, glue, and crayons make fruit puppets. Fold 1 inch wide strips to make arms and legs. Click here for example.

* Read Aloud DayRead Aloud Day

Some great picture books to read aloud that have great rhythm and rhyme are: Let's Go on a Bear Hunt, Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed, Commotion in the Ocean, The Little Engine that Could, and Caps for Sale just to mention a few.

* Michelangelo DayMichelangelo Day

The great artist Michelangelo was born this day in 1475. Many famous sculptures and paintings are viewed by thousands of people today. Bring out the watercolors and paint a picture or bring out the clay and watch your child sculpt their own masterpiece. Click here for a video and written biography. Please note that his sculpture of David is included so please preview.

* Vegetable FunVegetable Fun

Read "Eating the Alphabet" by Lois Ehlert. Start today by eating a fruit or vegetable that begins with the letter A. Tomorrow eat a fruit or vegetable that begins with the letter B. If you do this each day in March you will complete the alphabet by April 1.

* Science DayScience Day

Try this blowing up balloon activity with CO2. Click here for details.

* Teach John 1:2Teach John 1:2

This week review John 1:1 and introduce John 1:2 - "The same was in the beginning with God."

* Harriet Tubman DayHarriet Tubman Day

Harriet Tubman help to many slaves to freedom. She was a very religious women learning much about the Bible from her mother. Click here for a walk through what it was to be a slave and the road to freedom during the time Harriet lived.

* Johnny Appleseed DayJohnny Appleseed Day

Celebrated this day by checking the following Apple Unit Pinterest board of Truths for Tots. Please click here.

* Just for FunJust for Fun

Take a photo of your child a make a bookmark to share with someone. Click here to see the fun example

* Cooking DayCooking Day

Help your child to plan and cook a meal for your family. It could be breakfast for dinner. Make eggs, pancakes, and serve fresh fruit for dinner.

* PrayingPraying

Teaching your child to pray for others needs is important. Please click here for a great visual that will help you to teach your child.

* Family Game NightFamily Game Night

Game night with popcorn and family members all around builds memories. Enjoy:) For game ideas click here.

* Teach John 1:3Teach John 1:3

Review John 1:1-2 and teach John 1:3 - "All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made." Discuss how God created all things. To create means to make something out of nothing.

* Saint Patrick's DaySaint Patrick's Day

Fun and Facts about today at Truths for Tots blog. Click here.

* Bath Time FunBath Time Fun

Setting a routine for bedtime is a must so make the evening bath time a fun relaxing way to start the routine. Combine 1 cup of shaving cream to 3-6 drops of food coloring and stir. Make each desired color in a plastic cup. Fingerpaint the tub and walls then wash the paint off the tub and the child:)

* What's the Buzz?What's the Buzz?

Great ideas to share with your children about working together. Click here.

* SpringSpring

First day of spring this year. Celebrate by checking out Truths for Tots Spring Pinterest Board by clicking here.

* Act of Kindness DayAct of Kindness Day

For 100's of ideas to share kindness with others, click here.

* Breakfast FunBreakfast Fun

Teach your child how to make breakfast on their own. These 8 easy recipes may even be served to you in bed someday;) Click here for recipes.

* Teach John 1:4Teach John 1:4

Review John 1:1-3 and teach John 1:4 - "In him was life; and the life was the light of men."

* TracksTracks

Discuss how God made animals with different types of feet that would serve them best. A duck has webbed feet, a deer has a split hoof, a squirrel has claws, and so on. After studying animals and their footprints make flip flops into animal tracks. Click here for details.

* ColorsColors

Make color identification fun. Use various colors of construction paper and lay on table. Tell your children they have 5 mins. to bring items from around the house that are the same color as the piece of construction paper. After 5 mins. discuss the color and items. You may want to graph each color so children can see which color had the most items, fewest items, etc. Then time to return those items back to where they were found. Serve a fruit snack that contains many colors after mission is accomplished.

* MissionariesMissionaries

There are many books written about missionaries that are wonderful to read to children. Teaching children about the many people that need Jesus in the world is important. Click here for a books to read.

* Science DayScience Day

Springtime brings tornadoes. Do this experiment so children can see how a tornado works and then discuss precautions your family can take to maintain safety.

* Cooking DayCooking Day

Tips for cooking with children and recipes just a click away. Please click here:)

* Names of GodNames of God

Studying the names of God in the Old Testament teaches character qualities of God. My book "What's in a Name?" teaches children ages 4-8 in an interesting way to learn some of God's special names. Click here to find out more.

* Review John 1:1-4Review John 1:1-4

Review John 1:1-4


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