Two are Better than One

Daily Truth:  “Two are better than one….For if they fall, one will lift up his companion.”  Ecclesiastes 4:9


Two ARE better than one.

This past month I have experienced just a taste of what it would be like to be a single mom.  I’ve been at my mom’s house for a month with the kids. Love being with my family but miss the hubs ALOT.

Two ARE better than one.

I received a “sunshine” package a couple of days before Father’s Day from three of my sweet friends.  They knew Father’s Day would be tough.  The package contained all things yellow and three encouraging notes.

Two ARE better than one.

When we first got all three of our kiddos from the agency, all three were in diapers!  It was almost more than I could handle.  Friends prayed for me and sent encouraging emails. It didn’t make the diapers disappear, it just helped ease the transition from mom of one to overnight mom of four.

Two ARE better than one.

I have found that running is so much more enjoyable when doing it with a friend, my husband, or even one of my kids.  It especially makes 13.1 miles go by much faster and seem more doable with a friend.

Two ARE better than one.

We’ve all had those moments as moms that we just can’t do it anymore….not one more diaper, not one more dish, not one more whiny child.  We’ve all had those moments when we just needed someone to understand.

Two ARE better than one.

Our kids need that same understanding.  They need to know that they are not alone.

They need encouragement.

They need love shown to them.

They need to see that two ARE better than one.

How can we show this to them?

1. Teach them at a young age to play nicely with other kids their age.

2.  Teach them how to play nicely with their siblings (this can be tough at times).

3.  Take time to listen to them.  Their concerns are just as important to them..even if it is just they  can’t find their favorite blanket.

4.  Give them encouragement.

5.  Spend quality time with them individually as well as together as a sibling group.  Our kids LOVE dates with mom or dad.  It’s their one-on-one time with one of us.

6.  Surprise them with little things that you know they like.  This could be as simple as playing play dough with them or baking their favorite cookies together.

7.  Give hugs at random…not just first thing in the morning or the last thing at night.

8.  Teach them to work together.  Let’s face it, a household of six cannot run without everyone helping out somehow. They can get pretty creative when they have to solve a problem together….like how to get trash out to the curb.

9.  Give them love notes.  Even the little kiddos love getting cards and notes.

10.  Show random acts of kindness to each child.

There are so many more ways to show your kids that two ARE better than one.  These are just ten ideas.

This week, try to show your kids that two ARE better than one and spread some sunshine in your home this week.

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