Summer and Kids: The Season Begins, What are Your Plans?

Genesis 1:14 And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons and for days, and years:

 Summer and Kids

For most of us summer begins on Memorial Day.  The school year is either completed or almost finished by the end of May.  But, the first day of summer and longest day of the year,  in the northern hemisphere is June 21 this year.  (It will be the first day of winter in the southern hemisphere.)  It all has to do with the tilt of the earth.

Activity:  To help children to understand this concept of longest day and first day of summer;  have a child hold a globe  and another child or adult holding a turned on flashlight, which represents the sun, pointed at the globe.  The northern hemisphere  should be slightly titled towards the flashlight.  This position of the earth and sun (flashlight) illustrates the first day of summer in the northern hemisphere.  Have the child holding the globe move around the sun (flashlight) as if the earth was orbiting the sun. The child will get a clearer picture of how the sun is at the earth’s closest point in the northern hemisphere on the first day of summer.  This point is called the summer solstice.  For more information about this click here.

Our amazing God makes everything so perfect!  The earth, sun, stars, and seasons are just a few of the wonderful things God created for us and His Glory. Nothing is by chance.  Creation was all set in motion by God just speaking!  Teach the above verse to your children.  Show that the word “season” is a word that God used in making the world for us.  As you do activities this summer actively thank God for this wonderful summer season.

Summer provides extra time for family activities.  Please check out Truths for Tots Activity Calendar for daily activities.  There are also many activities on Truths for Tots Pinterest Summer Board.

Make a list  of “summer fun activities and projects” with your children. Post list on the refrigerator,  write on slips of paper to be drawn daily, or make two different kinds of list.  One list could be those activities which will need take more planning and the others that can be done spontaneously.  What ever you decide is best for your family, make sure that each child contributes and all children understand that each idea is as special as the one who suggested the activity.

You may want to work in activities that would be helpful to another person such as pulling weeds for an elderly neighbor, baking cookies and taking to a shut in, or having a lemonade stand where proceeds go to a worthy cause. Take the extra time of summer to encourage someone.  Your children will learn what fun it is to be a blessing to someone.

Make this season a wonderful time of family fun!

God gave us the seasons, enjoy your summer:)

Until the next “Truth” telling moment,

Cathy Jo Johnson






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