Harvest More than Corn and Wheat: The Next Generation

Daily Truth:  “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.”  Matthew 9:37


This is the season of harvest.  My farming friend from North Dakota told me, “We need a freeze to get things rolling.”  I thought how interesting.  Growth must be halted before the harvest is truly ready.

How introspective the child is in the photo.  He is intently looking at the corn kernel.  I think we could learn a thing or two from this child. As adults do we take time to intently look at God’s wonderful creation and His Word?  God says that we are to become as a child.

As adults we get so wrapped up in schedules, a “to do” list, and “the cares of this world.”  If we would look to God and His Word as intently as the little boy is looking at God’s creation we would keep the right perspective.  The focus on sharing the Good News of Christ with others is what Jesus Christ told us to do.  In fact it is the last thing Jesus told us to do as He ascended into heaven.

Do things around us and this world need to have a “hard  freeze” before we finally seek something outside of ourselves to help, comfort, and guide us?

The mind of a child is curious always wanting to learn.  Do we want to learn or are we too busy just getting the things of the day completed?

A child runs and then abruptly stops when there is something of interest.  Is our interest in the things of God great enough to make us stop, learn and impart to others?

A child finds joy in simple things.  How many times has the box a toy came in provided the most happiness?  Sure those boxes become real houses, cars, schools and college payments for adults yet, how could we simplify and get back to more time with God?  Is it a matter of discipline now that we are adults?

What about the next generation?  What about us?  Slow down, take time with God and His Word.  Share God’s Word and His world with the children in your life.

Let’s teach the next generation about God and how to have a personal relationship with Christ.  A good harvest of corn and wheat will sustain our bodies but only Christ will sustain our souls.

The harvest is truly plentiful!

Until the next “Truth” sharing moment,

Cathy Jo






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