Activity Calendar of Daily Ideas for Fun and Learning

Every day is an opportunity  to share God’s Word and His World with your child. Each day of the calendar has a suggested activity to do together. Have fun as you make each day a day of discovery and learning.   Boys and girls running
See Cathy Jo’s Truths for Tots blog for more ideas and encouragement.


Activity Calendar

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* Scott Key's B-dayScott Key's B-day

Happy Birthday Francis Scott Key! He was born in 1779 and author of "The Star Spangled Banner" . Click here for the powerful story behind the song and then then the song.

* (Night Sky Wonder)(Night Sky Wonder)

After sunset have kids put on cozy pajamas, pack a blanket, go away from city lights and enjoy a night looking at the stars. Click here for more info on Blog posted on this date.

* Teach Psalm 19:1Teach Psalm 19:1

When teaching this verse go out at night to look at the stars or click here to go to the Hubble website and see the Heavens that declare the Glory of God, and during the day point out nature and landscape that shows God's handiwork.

* Watermelon DayWatermelon Day

Click here for a wagon full of ideas!

* VacationVacation

School is just around the corner. Click here for some last minute trip ideas dependent upon where you live.

* Science DayScience Day

Click here for a parachute science experiment.

* Craft ProjectCraft Project

Click here for a craft project from Truths for Tots Pinterest Craft Board.

* Dollar DayDollar Day

The U.S. dollar was created this day in 1786. Have your children find out and show how many pennies, nickles, dimes, and quarters are in a dollar. Go to a dollar store and allow each child to spend one dollar. You can then teach them about tax:)

* S'more Day S'more Day

Love this day!!! Invite friends over to roast and share more marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers...thus the s'more:) Variations: Reese cups, strawberries, shortbread cookies with chocolate, flavored graham crackers. Roast marshmallows and place between graham crackers, cookies or strawberries. Don't forget the chocolate or Reese cup...Yummmm

* Teach 1 Chronicles 16:9Teach 1 Chronicles 16:9

"Sing to Him, sing pslams unto Him; Talk of all His wonderous works." Put a tune to this verse and sing to learn. This week talk about things you see in the world God has made and how God takes care of your family.

* Rice Pudding Day Rice Pudding Day

Rice Pudding Day....yes it's true:) Click here to try this great recipe for rice pudding. Have fun helping your children make this:) Raisins are optional. Enjoy:)

* Going to SchoolGoing to School

Preschoolers and Kindergartners will enjoy reading books about school whether they are homeschooled or going to school. Click here for books to read and activites to do.

* Left Handed Day Left Handed Day

National Left Handed Day! To find out the dominant hand of your 3- 4 year old just place a paint brush down and allow your child to pick it up and begin painting while standing at an easel. He or she will continue with the same hand if there is a dominate hand. If there is not he or she will keep switching hands to hold the paintbrush. The closer to PreK 4 the more you will want to determine the dominate hand so the child can learn to hold a pencil and scissors correctly, write letters and their own name with the same hand before beginning Kindergarten. While teaching I did have one child that wrote better with his left hand and used scissors better with his right hand. Fun fact: Most left handed people are male and only 7-10 percent of people are left handed.

* (New Shoe Day)(New Shoe Day)

Each year, while in preschool or elementary school, before the new school year take each child out separately for lunch and a new pair of shoes. This memory making day marks the beginning of a new, special year in the life of your child. Click here to see how shoes are related to God's Word posted on blog this date.

* Water BalloonsWater Balloons

Fill balloons with water today. Try tossing while standing very close and then move farther apart. Yes, you need to have a swim suit on. With small water balloons play tag. The person who is it has to tag by throwing and tagging with a water balloon.

* Roller Coaster DayRoller Coaster Day

The roller coaster was patented on this day in 1898. Click here to find out how a roller coaster works.

* Teach Deut. 31:6aTeach Deut. 31:6a

"Be strong and of good courage" Why, because God is always with us and loves us.

* Davy Crockett DayDavy Crockett Day

Davy Crockett was born this day in Tennessee in 1786 on August 17th. This man was a real frontiersman. Click here for a chapter book to read to your children about this man and a time gone by.

* Airplane DayAirplane Day

Celebrate National Aviation Day by making paper airplanes. Click here for directions in making a paper airplane.

* Apple DayApple Day

Visit an orchard and pick apples. Click here for craft ideas, recipes, and activities.

* Trail Mix DayTrail Mix Day

National Trail Mix Day:) Making your own trail mix saves money and individualizes it due to a food allergy or food preference. Some foods to include: granola, M&Ms, peanuts, walnuts, raisins, dried cranberries, pistachios, Cheerios, Goldfish, minature chocolate chips, yogurt covered raisins, or dark chocolate covered blueberries. Place your desired mix in individual bags, pack some water and blaze a trail. Have a fun hike and trail mix snack in a park or woods near you.

* Encouragement DayEncouragement Day

Provide watercolors for your child to paint a picture. Have child write or if too young you write a message to a friend in a nursing home. Call and plan a time to visit the friend with your child and give the painting as a gift.

* Musuem DayMusuem Day

Visit a musuem near you today.

* Review Month's VersesReview Month's Verses

Review: Psalm 19:1, I Chronicles 16:9, and Deut. 31:6a

* Make Shadow PuppetsMake Shadow Puppets

Materials: Scissors black contruction paper, popsicle stick, tape, pencil. Decide on some easy things to draw. Some ideas: Lamp, dog, chair, flower, bird, toothbrush, etc. Outline your objects on the black paper and cut out. Tape shape to a popsicle stick. Shine light on a blank wall and have shadow puppet show between the light and wall. Could act out a children's story book with the right puppets. Be creative:)

* Peach DayPeach Day

Did you know that August is National Peach Month? Click here for some delicious peach recipes that you will enjoy making and eating with your family.

* (Butterfly Day)(Butterfly Day)

If there is a butterfly pavillion close to you go for a visit. Look for butterflies around your yard. For craft ideas, butterfly information click here on posted date for blog ideas to learn more about one of God's beautiful creations the butterfly.

* Cloud WatchingCloud Watching

Go cloud watching with your child. Talk about some of the various kinds of clouds. Cumulus are the white fluffy ones. Cumulonimbus are the "storm clouds" thick and low. Stratus are low lying clouds that look like a sheet covering the sky. Cirrus are delicate streaks that are high in the sky. Some great books to read about clouds are: "Little Cloud" by Eric Carle and "The Cloud Book" by Tomie dePaola

* Make a TerrariumMake a Terrarium

Bring the outside in by making a terrarium. Old goldfish bowl, clear glass caniters, or even an old glass candle jar are perfect terrarium containers. place a layer of pebbles in the bottom and layer with a couple inches of soil. Select 3-4 accent plants of your choice (which should be on sale this time of year) and plant. Place in a sunny spot, water and enjoy.

* Sidewalk Chalk DaySidewalk Chalk Day

Have fun drawing with sidewalk chalk. Practice shapes, letters and numbers in a fun way.

* Build with LegosBuild with Legos

See how many things you can build with Legos today.


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