Faith Not Fear, God Building Moments

“Why” seems to be a common word for most children. At this time we are all hearing that question with greater frequency. Why are we not going to school? Why can’t we go visit Nana and Papa? Why can’t I invite my friends and family to my birthday party? So many questions! Is it possible to answer these questions? It is difficult to answer these questions as each day brings us new information on Covid 19.

However, we can bring assurance, peace, and hope to our kiddos through our words and countenance. Sure, we are uneasy too, but we must keep our focus on God who is unchanging. Therefore, by keeping ourselves anchored to God we will be better equipped to lead our children to faith not fear.

We are with our kiddos 24/7 these days. Therefore, nourishing our souls might be the time when we are being fed together as a family. As you try to plan for the day incorporate God Time that will help you share and grow together. Be intentional in this season of life. Make a plan now to grow closer to God and your children in this time. We serve an awesome God! Make this awesome God real to your children! Remember, God parted the Red Sea, dropped Manna from heaven, Jesus healed the blind and lame, there is Nothing to Hard for God!

Below are some resources that will help us all focus on Christ

Until the next “Truth” sharing moment. Praying that we share our wonderful Lord and Savior with the next generation…what a story they will have to share!

Cathy Jo Johnson