How to Read With Your Child: Eight Steps

Daily Truth:   “… And he read in their hearing all the words of the Book of the Covenant which had been found in the house of the LORD.”  2 Kings 23:3

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We all want our children to develop a love for the written word.  It has been said, “The love of reading is made on the lap of a parent.”

  1. As soon as possible begin reading to your child.  Holding your child while reading builds a secure attachment and associates this feeling with enjoyment of books. Board books and board books with textures or sounds are good so the very young child can eventually pick up on their own and not tear the pages. Early childhood books that teach concepts as colors, shapes, letters, numbers, and animals are great to begin with as they increase vocabulary by teaching about the child’s world.  Also, include books that teach about God’s love to your child at the very formative time. Some suggestions are:  If Jesus Lived Inside My Heart by Lord, Guess How Much I Love You by McBratney, The Blessings Jar by Coble, God Keeps You Safe by Medlock, Jesus Is... a Debby Anderson board book pack of three books.
  2. Before opening the book briefly talk about the cover of the book. Engage the child with the illustration on the cover.  Ask a question associated with the cover that makes the child start thinking about the book.
  3. Read with expression.  Make up a voice to match the personality of the main character.
  4. If there is a repetitive  line in the book read it with emphasize and have the child join in as you read that particular phrase.
  5. Talk about the illustrations in the book.
  6. While reading anywhere at any time is wonderful also make a special time a place.   Maybe before bed, so plan some extra time for reading before it is time to tuck everyone in bed.
  7.  Read together every day.
  8. Be willing to read the same book again and again.  We all have favorites.

Reading changes everything!  King Josiah, the king in 2 Kings of the Bible, became king when he was eight years old.  In the eighteenth year of his reign  workers found the book of the law in the temple where it had been hidden away for many years.   Josiah  had the Book of the Covenant (which were scrolls that later became part of the Bible) read to all the people.  King Josiah and the people then knew what God expected from them.  King Josiah then knew how to better care for the people entrusted to him once God’s Word was read.

reading the Bible


Reading God’s Word with your children will change their lives.  When children are very young, read Bibles written for preschoolers and follow the above eight steps.


Bible stories that are excellent for young children are:  Read-Aloud Bible Story Books 


What are some of your favorite books to read with your child?

Until the next “Truth” sharing moment,

Cathy Jo Johnson

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